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Is Teen Online Dating A Good Idea ?

When you think of online dating you think more along the lines of 2 weird people pretending to be strong or sexy, but this isn't always the case. Online dating services offer a lot of things for adults to connect with one another and find new boy friends or girlfriends. When you think of teen online dating you may think of a lot of dangers involved. Although there are dangers involved there are also good things that can come out of teen online dating!

Teen online dating services provide a lot of things for the teen between the ages of 13 to 19. Some of these services can be the best thing to hit teen online dating while others the worst thing ever to be made in the world!

Dangers of teen online dating: When it comes to the internet, teenagers may think that they are safe and in no danger at all. I am here to say, that is completely false and wrong! When you log into the internet millions of people can access your information if they know how to work the system and figure things out that you didn't know. Identity theft is a big and growing problem and teen dating sites are like an open door to a mansion for these thief's. When a teen is on an online dating service you may want to monitor them and make sure they aren't telling people where they live or any numbers at all!

How to be safe in a dating service: The most important thing to do before registering with a teen online dating site is making sure it is a safe place. This can mean there haven't been a lot of reports of fraud or security issues. If you join a site that has a lot of issues with online stalkers or identity thefts I would advise you not to join that site. Never give out any personal information to another member, ever! Do not give out your phone number or address of where you live. Stalkers and criminals feed of this information and try their hardest to get it. Don't let them get the satisfaction of tricking you. Even if you know the person then they should know what you have told them already. A users profile can be easily imitated or hacked to give you the impression it's your old friend from Jr. High.

Before entering the world of teen online dating make sure your parents know what you are doing, who you are talking to, and all the cons and pros of the site. It may seem like a hassle and a bore but will help you learn what not to do on a teen online dating site!

To wrap it up, remember MONITOR teens usage of the internet, advise them NEVER to disclose personal information as you don't want strangers to start STALKING you!


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