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Your Profile is Your Asset

Once you have chosen an Online Dating service, you will be required to write a profile. Writing your profile is usually one of the first things you do. It's also one of the most crucial factors to your Online Dating success - you either land on a date, or stay single.

Important! The most important thing to remember is that "Honesty is the best policy" because it IS the best policy.

The object is to find someone who will really like (and maybe eventually love) the real you. It's hard to write the truth about yourself and not what you hope others think of you but you must try. You need to be honest with yourself and honest about yourself. It's the first step in meeting that special someone.

THE "someone" who will love you, quirks, imperfections and all but you don't need to sell yourself short either.

Analyzing your Past Relationships

Really think about the things that were right and the things that were wrong. For instance, if you really hated that the last person you had a relationship with smoked in the house or used bad language, say so.

Just because you are lonely or your subscription is about to run out is absolutely no reason to compromise. If you hated those things before, you will continue to hate them.

Be sure to include in your profile the life style that is important to YOU. If you are a couch potato, you will not be compatible with an outdoor enthusiast or vice versa.

If you love music and theater, you will not be happy with someone who is tone deaf or hates plays and movies. Remember, don't compromise!

If a physical attribute is important to you, say so and be honest about your own physical appearance.

For instance: If you are a guy who is 5'8" and you are not comfortable being seen with a girl who is 6' something or a girl who is 6' something and not comfortable being seen with a guy who is 5' 8", you need to say that.

Avoid These Profile Disasters!

I have seen enough profiles to be able to tell you at least three things that are certain to cause you to fail miserably this endeavor.

Out of the thousands of profiles I have read, there were, maybe, 5 that caught my attention, 100 that were acceptable and the rest were awful. Think about this: your profile and picture are the two things that will cause another person to contact you and, of the two, the profile is the most important.

So you need to spend some time and give some thought to writing it.

The First and Biggest Mistake…

… I've seen made are statements like, "I'm the guy/girl your daddy would want to shoot on sight."

Uh-uh. Big mistake…VERY big mistake.

It or statements like this that are over used and over rated. Your profile needs to stand out not sound like a million others. Go read the profiles of others and avoid words and phrases that are used too often.

And another Dumb Profile Mistake

The next one that I really hate is, "I could be the one you are looking for." Well, duh! Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. Maybe he/she isn't the one YOU are looking for. If you've written that down…back space.

Tell people what really makes you happy and makes your heart beat a little faster.

Tell them the things that you are passionate about.

Tell the FACT that let them know you are an interesting, well-rounded fun person and one that they will want to know.

Spelling and Grammar Counts!

The misuses of words or spelling mistakes make you sound… well… dumb. 

There is no other word for it.

Tip: MS Office has a spell check and will check grammar. If you don't have that, at least get someone who knows to read it over and correct your mistakes before you post it.

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