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What Online Dating Isn't and Misconception

Now, it's time for me to clear some assumptions and dispel the common myths about Online Dating. Some people, especially those who have lived a little longer, still think there is some stigma attached to Online Dating.

They think a person must be an odd-ball, pervert, or totally unacceptable in the real world to have to resort to using an Online Dating service. They couldn't be more wrong.

Online Dating has exploded in the last few years. Over 40 million people of all ages, both sexes and from all over the world can't be wrong. These same people, also, think internet dating is dangerous.

It could be but it doesn't have to be if a person uses a little common sense. The same kind of common sense that would keep you from giving any stranger you met on the street your personal information.

We all use the internet to research almost every aspect of our lives… medical, major purchases, jobs, investments, etc. We gather information that helps us to succeed in all ways.

We make travel plans, we get information about colleges, we shop, and we download music. The internet is not just for geeks anymore. Why not use that same internet to insure our success in our personal lives? Meeting people expands our horizons and enriches our lives.

The whole world has shrunk to a single neighborhood because of the internet. Dating the girl or boy from next door could mean someone from half way around the world now.

You could find the love of your life in the town you live in or in a city 50 miles away or 1000 miles away or even in another country. The internet makes it all possible.

There is no stigma attached to using Online Dating services and it's safe and effective. It makes good sense and is an efficient use of our time, energy and money.

It's dating in the 21st century !

Ok ok ... I don't mean to say that Internet dating is the best option.

If internet dating not for you, you can always fall back to traditional dating methods. You can still meet woman in shopping malls, bookstores, public transport and even do a street pick up. I still approach girls in bookstores. The feeling I get is completely different from what I experienced in internet dating.

For online dating, I will just post an ads or reply to woman's ads. Most of the time, I will be waiting for reply. But traditional pick up really challenges my mind to act fast. What I will say on the spot will determine whether I can achieve success or get their phone number. What a thrilling experience ...

Finally, if you can pick up girls or meet woman using any of the tactics above, I don't really care whether it is a "new" or "old" method. I just want to have a method that works * WINK *. Agree ?

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