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Self Improvement And Personal Development

Rule 1: Exercise often - 100 sit ups, 100 pushups, running, work on arms

Girls don't care if you're not buff, but looks are important too. Take care of your body if for no one else but yourself. I do 100 sit ups, 100 pushups every day. I do a light weight session focusing on building bigger arms and chest muscles. I also run 3 times a week. This is a perfect workout that takes very little time out of your week and will make you look and feel a lot better inside and out, I guarantee it!

Rule 2: Never let anything or anyone overwhelm my emotions to the point of incapacitation

Nothing in life is worth letting your life go down the drains for. If something bad happens, pick yourself up, don't stop working or letting your finances suffer.

Rule 3: Be Independent always

Rule 4: Always keep learning new things and travel

Read lots, watch documentaries, take courses and travel all you can. You'll thank me for this advice one day.

Rule 5: Always have fun always have a positive attitude - everything will be ok

Rule 6: Every day or when you feel stressed sit silent for 30 minutes and think about nothing just relax

This great advice I received from Allen Says, you can read the whole principle behind this at ....

Rule 7: Don't let little things rattle you - never over react

Life is full of little surprises, just like dating, but let them rattle you, just keep going on with your life like nothing happened. He who angers you becomes your master.

Rule 8: Create a life's to do list and follow thru with it completely and systematically

This is something you must do. Everyone has goals for life, I don't care if it's only 4 things, write them down and check them off. I have close to 100 things I want to do before I do, like learn to speak German, go to Oktoberfest, things like that. I also have more serious things like; Run the largest publishing company in the world, which I still quite haven't checked off yet ;)

Rule 9: Set high goals and standards for your life and never let anyone compromise them

Rule 10: Always have an open mind and don't be judgmental

Rule 11: Don't Get Moody With People! - Just Relax !

Rule 12: Smile! And the world smiles with you!

Rule 13: Set some alone time (10-15min) daily to reflect upon the day and wind down.

Rule 14: Live life to the fullest and uphold your integrity!

Nothing lowers the level of conversation more than raising the voice.

Rule 12: You Miss 100% Of The Shots You Don't Take!

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