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First dates can be daunting. This article will offer a few tips for surviving a first date and also guaranteeing a second date. You not only have to survive your first date but also has to ensure a second one by carefully planning the date while remaining flexible, being tidy, polite and courteous, being relaxed and honest on your date, being committed to having a good time and sharing about yourself without monopolizing the conversation. These tips will help you survive your first date and also go a long way towards securing a second date.

How to Guarantee a Second Date

Careful planning will help you to survive your first date and may lay the groundwork for a second date. Make sure you have planned out the date ahead of time and made arrangements to ensure that the date runs smoothly. On a first date it is best not to leave anything to chance or to rely on making on the spot decisions about what to do next because doing so can create uncomfortable moments.

Donít just plan out what you would like to do on the date but also map out the best routes to arrive at your destination and pre-arrange any necessary reservations so you donít wind up losing your way or worse arrive at a restaurant only to find that it is full and you don't have a reservation! While careful preparation before the date will ensure that everything runs smoothly and will eliminate any unnecessary tension on the date you may still need to remain flexible.

Despite your best efforts, you may suffer a snag in your plans and being flexible and willing to adapt your plans will prevent you and your date from feeling frustrated. Your date will be impressed that you went to so much trouble in planning the date and will be flattered by your efforts. Notice how a little effort goes a long way to make a lasting impression!

Key characteristics for surviving a first date include tidiness, politeness and courteousness. While these characteristics are important in any dating situation they are particularly important on a first date. This is your opportunity to make a first impression that your date will admire so go all out in trying to impress your date. Put extra effort into your personal appearance and strive to remain polite and courteous at all times during your first date. Showing your date that you respect them by taking pride in your appearance and treating them with respect will help you to not only survive a first date but also guarantee a second one.

If you want to survive a first date and guarantee a second one, itís important to be relaxed and honest during your date. If you are tense or evasive during your date, your date may not trust you and will not be comfortable on the date n or eager to go on a second date with you. If you try to be something you are not, your date will most likely see through your charade and will be put off by your dishonesty. Additionally, they most likely will not be interested in pursuing a second date. However if you relax during your date and are completely honest your personality will shine through and impress your date enough to entice them to be interested in a second date.

Committing to having a good time on your date will help you to survive a first date and guarantee a second date. If you go into a first date with apprehensions or prejudices you will find yourself not having a good time. It is extremely difficult to have a good time if you arenít open to the experience. On the other hand if you are truly optimistic and are looking forward to your first date, you and your date will most likely wind up having a great time. Your optimism and attitude will be infectious and will ensure that both you and your date have a great time on the first date and are eager for a second.

Finally truly being interested in sharing details of your personal life and learning more about your date will ensure that you survive a first date. If you donít open up to your date and show them who you really are, they will most likely not be interested in a second date with your or even sharing much about themselves on the first date. If you are not afraid to share personal information about yourself and are open to listening to what your date has to say, you will have a very successful first date.

Many singles find themselves nervous and apprehensive on a first date because they worry about how they will get through the date and whether or not this first date will lead to future dates. Itís okay to be nervous about a first date but following the advice in this article can enable you to not only survive a first date but also guarantee yourself a second date.

Second Date Tips

I have this marvelous idea that can guarantee me the second date. When you plan your first date outing, try to figure out some activity that you need to do again the next day or following week. Let me give you one suggestion. I joined a local focus group that likes to grow organic plants in your own farm. During my first date with one of the girl I met in this group, I bring her to a private farm where I rent a small piece of land to grow my own organic vegetables. We water the plant, put fertilizer and do some simple gardening. So, after the first date ended, she asked me whether she can join me again in the private farm to do some gardening. It works like magic ... always think of continuation.

Try to think of an activity that both of you will enjoy together and it is an activity that you can do together on a regular basis. Joining a group which has activity that you both enjoy is a good start. Examples are photography or taking dance classes or group that explores the great outdoors like nature hike.

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