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Rules Of Dating

This whole section is some of the most powerful information you will ever read, not just about dating but about life in general.

When your life is going to plan, you feel confident and when you feel confident, you exude a persona that naturally attracts people and makes them want to be around you. No one likes dating a negative person. These are the rules that I live by and were written by me for me, I never thought I would share these rules with anyone except maybe my future children.

Dating Rules - Part 1

Rule 1: Always have confidence in yourself - MAIN RULE!

Rule 2: Relax - be laidback - act like u don't need her

Rule 3: Be Cocky and Funny - be outgoing and have fun AND BE FUN TO BE AROUND - be charming/gentleman

Rule 4: Don't get emotional even when she gets emotional - women will test you - nothing to be insecure about


Dating Rules - Part 2

Rule 5: Lead in the relationship - Always be a man - IE Dad - say things like "you do what you wanna do"

Rule 6: Live an active and full life - you come first - plenty of fish in the sea - Always keep busy

Rule 7: Don't rush the dating process - build the mystery - forcing repels attraction

Rule 8: Let things go, the past is the past - but always tell it as it is - no hang ups !


Dating Rules - Part 3

Rule 9: Don't write sappy emails ever, never write anything because of fear or insecurity

Rule 10: Girls find a guy hot when he has a plan for life - IE I told a girlfriend about my dreams for life

Rule 11: Don't apologize for the sake of apologizing - Don't apologize if you've done nothing wrong

Rule 12: First Date Advice - Lean Back Relax Don't Be Nervous, Be Confident, Funny, Cocky, But Don't Take It Too Far!

Rule 13: No matter how funny or cocky you are, treat sex with respect. If you do have sex with a girl, make it special, like she's the only one that matters.

Rule 14: Dress well, but don't over do it!

Rule 15: If you had sexual relationship with your girl, DON'T brag about it among the guys! Treat your girl with respect.


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