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Meaning Of Respect

Respect, as it applies to people, is defined as a feeling of esteem for a person. This feeling is generally a result of a personís achievements. While all people deserve respect, it is an unfortunate fact that many people do not receive the respect that they deserve. There are several ways however that you can put yourself in a situation where you will begin to receive the respect that you deserve. In general the keys to demanding respect and getting it are treating others with respect, treating yourself with respect, conveying a sense of confidence, not being afraid to make decisions and dress appropriately. These key factors will help you to gain the respect you deserve.

How to Demand Respect and Get It

If you expect others to treat you with respect, one of the first steps you must take is to begin treating others with respect if you arenít already doing so. If you have a disrespectful attitude towards others it will be difficult for them to feel respectful towards you. Treating others with respect demonstrates that you are worthy of respect yourself because it shows that you are capable of holding others in esteem.

If you do not give others their due respect, many people will see you as a person who is not compassionate of others and not willing to understand the value of others. Many bosses will try to demand respect by being authoritative with their subordinates. While authority is a characteristic that commands respect, this is often taken too far and if the boss does not recognize the employees achievements the employee will most likely be resentful of the boss and not feel respectful towards him. On the other hand a boss that maintains an authoritative air while also being supportive of his employees and willing to listen to their ideas will gain the respect of his employees.

Self Respect

Treating yourself with respect is another key element to receiving respect from others. Self respect is seeing yourself for your innate worth and acting accordingly by treating yourself with esteem. Itís important to treat others with respect but by the same token you must also treat yourself with respect. While self-deprecating humor may be your way of coping with your perceived inadequacies this type of behavior demonstrates to other that you do not feel you are truly worthy of their respect. In order to gain the respect of others you must first treat yourself with respect.

Confidence also inspires a sense of respect. Being confident, without being arrogant, is a sign that you know your abilities and past performances are worthy of respect. Knowing that you are a highly capable person and not being afraid to let others know this is another way to demand respect and get it. Exercise caution with using confidence to command respect though. Over confidence may have the reverse effect and result in you not receiving respect. Knowing your abilities and being confident in yourself will go a long way in ensuring that you earn the respect of those around you.

Decision making is another aspect that could be a determining factor in whether or not those around you respect you. This goes along with confidence in that if you are sure of yourself you will not hesitate to make the right decisions in any situation. An ability to make decisions without wavering or being unsure of yourself will inspire confidence in those around you. While itís important to seek advice and counsel from others, if you are in charge of a situation the decision is ultimately yours to make. If you make valid decisions without showing signs of doubt you will be respected for your ability to take a stand and act on what you believe is right.

Dressing the part is also very important in earning the respect of others. While casual clothing may be acceptable in many work places you will find that those who are in a position of authority and command respect often dress less casually than those who are not well respected. While your clothes are not an accurate indication of your abilities others around you may jump to conclusions based on your appearance. While this is a sad fact of life, itís important to acknowledge that this does exist in society and take care to always convey a professional appearance. Doing so will help you to earn the respect of your friends and colleagues as well as your employer.

Perhaps the most important factor to understand about respect is that, in most cases, it is not given automatically by others but that it must be earned. You can earn the respect you deserve by treating yourself and others with respect, being confident and unafraid to make important decisions and dressing in a way that shows that you have respect for yourself. All of these aspects will help to ensure that you are not only demanding respect but also getting it.

It is important to take note that it takes a while to gain the respect of others but it only takes a moment for others to loose their respect in you! So always be mindful of your behaviour and speech.

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