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Places To Go On A Date

Take a drive down to the beach and walk and talk. It cost virtually nothing and is a wonderful way to get to know the other person. Besides that, if you can catch the setting sun, it makes a pretty romantic setting for the date.

Go to mini golf. The beauty of mini golf is there will be a lot of other couples around as well and families, so it makes for a comfortable setting. Golfing is a leisurely sport so there's plenty of time for interaction between the two of you.

Take your date to a play if she has a flare for arts. If you've been friends person for a while, you'll know what he or she likes and you can choose the type of play she'd enjoy.

If she's a music lover, surprise her by taking her to a concert by her favourite artiste. It's an excellent way to bond and see her enjoying herself.

Pack a picnic basket and take your date for a picnic by the water or in a park. Bring some finger food and a blanket for you to sit on. Make sure there are plenty of rest rooms and shelter around just in case.

Go to the casino. This is not everyone's cup of tea, but what could be more exciting then winning big. They will never forget it.

Go go-karting. This is a great way to find out if your date is adventurous!

Learn how to read palms and read hers! Most women find this sort of thing very interesting.

Take a limo ride around the city. To get the best deals, use the Internet to find local companies with websites. Go to a roof top or a revolving restaurant. Eating outdoors always makes things more memorable, just remember to make a reservation first.

Go to a day spa together and get a massage. Go on the Internet to find the best deals.

Go hot air ballooning. Probably not the ideal first date as its a little expensive and hot air ballooning has to be done very early in the morning.

Go on a lunch date. Perfect idea if you work together, just make sure your date knows it's a date and not a friendly outing.

Go to the local museum. The most popular types of museums are the interactive types, with displays, not things like art galleries.

If your date is the sporting type, take her to a local sporting event. You could even go to a college game. If you know how to ride a motorbike, take your date for a ride somewhere scenic or at night time in the city.

Go to the batting cages. Not everyone's idea of a great date, but you'll soon find out if your date is easy going or high maintenance.

Frisbee golf is another date idea that will certainly tell you what type of person you are dating. If you are not sure what frisbee golf is, go to Google and look it up, it's a lot of fun.

Go to your local jazz club and relax. Everyone loves jazz.

Go to the zoo. Most zoos's have night time exhibits or exhibits out of the norm for people to see.

Go to the local fair. Every year we have a local fair where I live that has show bags, rides etc. Getting up early and going to the flea markets is a very cheap and fun date. If you are not big on sitting down and talking, this is the date for you.

Take your date for dinner on the boardwalk. Very romantic!

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