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Online Dating, Is It Safe ?

With the growing trend of identity theft online, dating may or may not be a good idea for some people in the world. There are many risks to online dating but the benefits may outweigh these downsides.

In the following paragraphs we will discuss the pitfalls of online dating and how safe is it.

Fraud: There are several things to look for to know if a fraud is taking place. One of them being if the sites owner takes the money of the users that paid for certain services and the owner does not provide the services as promised. Another thing is if a member asks another to fund their trip to meet the other in their hometown and the member keeps the funds and does not show up at the destination.

Privacy and security: The biggest issue with online dating is your safety.  On some sites they do not guarantee the privacy of a user. They may have a small printed warning at the bottom of their sites saying to view the privacy policy to know all the details on what is allowed and what is not. I recommend you do read these policies if you are not sure about the site. There can be a lack of online dating safety if the site will allow non members to view other registered members profiles and personal information. These sites are not recommended.

Stalking: Another major problem with online dating safety is the fact that members of a site can obtain personal information through the dating service. This can be turned around and used to harass or even injure the members. Cyber stalking was not really considered a threat until recent events in the world that claim it is as bad as a physical stalker. Online dating is not to blame for cyber stalking it is another way that online stalking is made easier.

Identity theft: In a world where many people can become hackers through the internet, registering with an online dating service is another way these vile creatures may get to your personal information. One of the main purposes of this identity theft is to use others info to commit crimes related to the internet. Another is the ability to figure out enough information to obtain members credit card number and pin and use it to make purchases under their name.

Having read the above, I'm sure you have a pretty good idea of what to expect from online dating.

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