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Intro: A stick insect walks into a bar...


Music: club mixes, trance, ministry of sound stuff and old stuff, rolling stones, acdc, 80's. Fav track at the moment is Scott bond vs. solar stone 3rd earth remix.
Reading: yes, I can read. that's why I buy those magazines, for the articles. Not the pictures, I swear.

Movies: lord of the rings trilogy, matrix..first two, third was...disappointing. art house. subtitles don't scare me and we've already established that I can read. Currently hooked on Asian martial arts movies though the only thing I know about 'kung fu' is how to spell it.

Sport: Not so much sport as fitness, gym, bike, run, kayak, ill have a go at most things. Also follow motor sport (mostly bikes) and golf. And, in a reversal of male / female stereotypes, you go to the footy, I'll stay home and watch the grass grow.

Other interests: many and varied. You should ask me.

Profile Body:

I figured talking to you is acceptable but talking to yourself in a pirates voice probably isn't. I started doing that today and I figure I need to get out more and meet some people before I topple over the brink into complete madness. Don't be alarmed thou, all the sharp utensils are under lock and key.

OK, I realize this profile tends more toward the humorous rather than the serious which I guess is indicative of my personality so here are some details which might help to round out the picture.

I work as a paid fire fighter, a job I love and have been doing for over 155 years. Days off are spent keeping fit, reading, going to the movies, riding bikes...both mountain and motor and, of course, looking for my favorite hat.

I have a large family whom I see fairly often but not often enough. I grew up in the country (or should I say I got older in the country) but, after 20 years in Melbourne, any trace of the "country boy" is well and truly gone.

Whilst I have your attention, can you please be who, and what, you say you are in your profile.

Ideal partner:

Betwee\n 25 and 42 years old , at most 5'7"/170 cm from AUSTRALIA

Hmmmmmm, Fit, fun, confident, adventurous, young or young at heart and can tell me where I left my favorite hat. It's gotta be around here somewhere. Oh, on the off chance you do feel sufficiently inspired to send me a kiss, please include your photo password if applicable ;-)

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