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Tips To Dating Multiple Women

Most men think that dating multiple women at the same time is a wrong thing to do and it's cheating. They couldn't be farther from the truth my friend. Men think this because women have told them that guys who date other girls at the same time are scum, yet they continue to date them....

There's absolutely nothing wrong with dating a few women at the same time, provided that you have not been dating one of them exclusively and then decide to be a player. That kind of behaviour is unacceptable as it is tantamount to cheating!

So what exactly am I referring to?

It's definitely not about sleeping with millions of women every week but I'm talking about going out and having fun and meeting new people in a friendly environment.

If a woman says after a few dates, I think we should date exclusively; you have to ask yourself if that's what you want, do you want a relationship, because that is pretty much what she is asking.

Just be honest with everyone you date from day one and there will be no problems whatsoever if you want to date multiple women at the same time. Just don't cheat on someone if you said you would date them exclusively, don't be a jerk and treat women badly, just be honest and have fun and they will respect you for it.

It is very easy to meet multiple women at the same time using internet dating. Create a few dating profiles or you can use the same dating profile and start contacting those people you can find in online dating sites. Access Dave M's Insider Internet Dating CD. Then, cut and paste the personal ads and email samples available. Sit back and wait for women's reply.

Seems easy. Isn't it ? Give it a try today ...



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