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How To Use Instant Messaging Effectively

Ok, so you've got the girl on msn or ICQ or whatever you want to use, what next ? Chatting online is the best way to work on chatting to women without the fear of being nervous or making a fool of yourself in public. Just have fun and go with the flow.

Keep conversation light and do not broach the subject of sex. Use this as an opportunity to get to know her and build a good rapport.

The idea of chatting online is to get the girls phone number and move to the next step. Here is a sample conversation I had with a girl very recently after moving her from email to msn....

Me: hey stinky, how goes it

Her: I do no stink

Her: I'm good, feeling better

Her: And u?

Me: Much better

Me: So when are you going to buy me that beer?

Me: I'm busy this weekend and I want to make sure you are completely over your cold so you don't infect me by sitting to close to me.

Her: hahah, I won't infect you promise!

Me: Give me your mobile # and I'll give you a call when I'm not busy, I want to make sure you're really not a 59 year old man, who's overweight.

Her: Oh yah, because being overweight would make all the difference.

Me: Stop stalling and give me the digits.... :P

Her: Ok, (number here), just don't stalk me.

Me: No worries about that, it's my week off. Ne way, gotta run, I'll ring you when I'm free.

And that is how it's done my friends.


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