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I'm 29 and still blissfully single but thanks to the prodding of well meaning friends, I've finally relented and decided to try my hand at online dating to find true love despite my skepticism. Now, you may ask wonder why online dating??? With online dating, I can be selective on the people that I choose to communicate with and can avoid the awkwardness of blind dates.

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Therefore, armed with a list of popular dating websites, I proceeded to register as a member in Yahoo Personals and also, two of the more popular dating website. Since this is an international site, there is a wide pool of gals with varied interest and I must say I'm impressed! 

The fact that I can take my time to filter and check these gals out before initiating correspondence and the flexibility to continue or discontinue the correspondence without being harass is a definite bonus.

That's the reason I started looking out for more online dating sites and a friend pointed me to Friend Finder. The look and feel of the site is agreeable but before signing up, I decided to nose around and see what the site has to offer. By the way, you can find a few more specialty sites listed in their dating network

There's the usual run of the mill thing where members enjoy the benefit of emailing each other or alternatively chat online. Members can also create Blogs or clubs where members with the same interest can get together. 

The Hall Of Fame deserved mention. Here members get to vote other members or vote for themselves, definitely a great way to get noticed! I also did a quick search on the target group of girls I'd like to date, put in my criteria and the search return 2 pages results. Choices are limited but I suppose this is due to the fact that this site is relatively new and it takes time to build up a bigger pool of members.

Nevertheless, I'm impressed enough to sign up as a member. Upon registration, I proceeded to setup my profile and activate my membership. Besides that I also posted a couple of the better looking photos of myself. At the risk of being called vain, I tested out a couple of shots of myself picked those which garnered the most responses from the fairer sex. 

Posting the right photos are very, very important but even more important is that you SHOULD always post a pix of yourself. Besides the fact that a picture is worth a thousand words, posting a photo is also a sign that you are serious and sincere. It sends out a positive message to the reader. It would be good to post a few photos instead of just one.

Writing a killer profile is also a handy skill when it comes to online dating. After all, your profile will be the first communication you have with your future date, so it has to be witty and interesting enough to capture her attention. 

A well written profile draws potential dates to you. And the presence of a photo just reaffirms their interest in getting to know you. For tips on writing a better profile, read the articles that I have created.

After my account has been activated, I'm good to go. First task for me is to run a search to search for potential dates. From the search results, I proceeded to narrow down the list to those that posted photos online and those that have similar interest with me. 

Then I send short messages to the gals that I short listed and my work is done for the day. That is until one of them decides to reply my message. 

Will keep you posted ! and remember to sign up my newsletter for all future updates.

Sharing my Meet Women Experiences

I now am able to meet, talk to and date beautiful women like it's the easiest thing in the world to do, and the only thing that changed about me was my attitude and the skills and knowledge I learnt from making lots of mistakes.

I didn't get more attractive, I didn't become mega rich, and I just learnt to be what women want. Here are some tips and tricks which I can share with you from my online dating experience.


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