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How To Write Effective Email Follow Up

Ok, so you're online, you're searching for profiles of other women and you find a few you want to email, what next ? The first email is crucial. You have to remember, women are getting sometimes hundreds of emails a day, so you have to stand out straight away !

Just like in marketing, your headline should be eye grabbing !

The best way to do this is to mention something about her profile in your headline. I've made the mistake of writing things like "hey there" in the subject heading and it's really not a good idea. If in the photo she puts on her profile, she's wearing something unique comment on it.

Example Subject Headings

Where did you get that necklace from?

I don't think you're going to like me....

That top you are wearing is....

You're lucky I emailed you!

Cool looking sun shades...


Things like that get a woman's attention when she's reading her email. That's the first mistake most people make, the second one is they write too much in their first email! They write a whole life story. Just keep it short and sweet.

Here is an example first email I use.


If you want to have an enthralling chat/get to know me better. My msn address is [email protected] so that's the place to do it, or even better, over a crownie or 3 :) I live in Robertson, near Sunnybank plaza/garden city.

I'm off to try and find a place that does a decent oyster Kilpatrick, so have a good night.


your name, your profile id name

P.S. make a funny comment here about her profile/suggest if she doesn't have msn to either download it or buy you a beer and meet up instead.

Notice I don't try and get an email relationship happening, you need to hook your date quickly. You need to get from one step to the other quickly. If she emails you back and says she doesn't have msn or any instant chat device, ask her for her phone number. It's that simple. Don't become email buddies!

Make your first email interesting to the level that it perks her interest to reply to you. Keep it short and sweet though. That way, it'll give you something to write in your second correspondence.

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