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Tips on Surviving the First Date

So you've got the date but you have no idea where you are to go on your first date? Depending on your personality, here are a few places you can go and the things your can do. For the active outdoorsy you, take a trip outdoors, to the park, go biking, rafting or head over to the beach. If you love arts, head over to the local art gallery, museum or go to a play. If you have the gift of the gab, ring up the girl, tell her to meet you at your favorite cafe or bar for a quick drink.

Try to keep your first date short. Where possible, wrap it up within the hour or so. The idea of a first date is to make and impression, so get in, make an impression, arrange for a second date and take your leave. Do not linger as it becomes a drag when your date sense that you are buying time.

Guys often try and impress too hard on first dates. Taking your date to the most expensive restaurants and buying them fancy dinners do not guarantee a good time. Do not kick off by splurging on her as you do not know if you'll see her past the first date. Rule of thumb is to keep expenditure less than $50 for a first date.

I remembered the best date of my life I brought 2 beers and she brought a wine and that was it. We chatted for an hour or so, I ended the night and went home. Make sure you never let your first dates go for too long, I never let them go over 2 hours and most only last an hour or so. It's not about how long you spend on the date or how much money you spend, it's about the impression you leave on the girl.

If you are funny and confident and the girl has a blast, all you need is an hour. Yes, I've taken girls home after a first date like this, but I don't recommend it. Like I said in the previous chapter, body language and voice tone are so important when dating. You want to speak with confidence, walk with confidence and BE confident.

Here are a few tips I use.

Do everything slowly

What I mean by that is don't feel panicky.  Make every movement deliberate and cool. Always give yourself ample time to arrive at your destination, so leave for your date earlier.

Walk slowly and upright

When you're walking, always walk with your shoulders back and slowly. Stand upright with good posture and stick your chest out and look around like you own the place.

When sitting, lean back in your chair

Don't lean right forward and smother the girl. Give her space, lean right back and look like you're too comfortable.

Maintain eye contact and never mumble

Always look at her in the eyes when you're talking and never mumble or cover your mouth when you speak.

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