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Where to go and What to do on your First Date

Asking a person out can be stressful enough but once youíve found someone to agree to going on a date with you, you may find yourself under the immense pressure of planning a first date. Planning a first date can be stressful because you want everything to go smoothly and you also want to set yourself up for a second date. The ideal first date offers the couple a chance to get to know each other in a casual atmosphere that doesnít put too much pressure on them to keep up a constant stream of small talk.

While first dates are the perfect opportunity to get to know someone new, if you are apprehensive about too much conversation on the first date, you can plan a date that focuses more on an activity than on conversation. This type of date which focuses on a fun filled activity may be beneficial in leading to a second date. First dates donít have to be stressful and there are many activities that are perfect for whatever type of first date you are looking to have.

Dinner theater is a perfect no-stress first date idea. The atmosphere is usually cozy and romantic and provides the perfect blend of conversation and entertainment. While a traditional dinner date can lead to awkward pauses in the conversation and the stress of juggling dinner and conversation, a dinner theater alleviates this stress because the meal is usually served during the performance. This allows you to eat your meal without having to worry about small talk. Intermissions are a great opportunity for the couple to get to know each other and if you have trouble with a conversation starter you can always fall back on talking about the performance.

Another no-stress first date idea is a trip to the aquarium or museum. The casual atmosphere alleviates the normal pressures of first dates. There is so much to see and do at these facilities that you will not be lacking things to talk about or do. You can spend a few hours wandering through the exhibits and really get to know your date. Be sure to ask questions about what your date likes or doesnít like about the exhibits. Being inquisitive will give you a better understanding of your dateís personality.

Theme parks are also a great no-stress first date idea. Everybody loves the chance to be a kid again and the opportunity to spend a day on thrill rides is a great way to spend a first date. The long lines give you plenty of time to talk and get to know each other and you may find that every time the conversation starts to wane, youíve made it to the front of the line and itís your turn to jump onboard and enjoy the ride. The exhilaration of thrill rides may loosen inhibitions and bring a couple on a first date closer together.

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If you are nervous about conversation, you might want to try the traditional movie and dinner first date. The movie portion of the date takes the stress of conversation off of your shoulders and afterwards at dinner you have an instant conversation starter. If you canít think of anything to talk about, you can always ask her what she thought of the movie to spark up a conversation. Additionally you may find that after spending a few hours in a theater you already feel closer to your date and conversation comes easier than anticipated.

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If conversation is your strong point and youíre are not at all worried about keeping a conversation going a great no-stress date idea for you may be a coffee shop or cafe or bistro. This is an environment where there is little to do except talk. The relaxed atmosphere is also conducive for conversation. This is perfect for the person who enjoys the art of conversation and is really looking forward to getting to know their date.

A white water rafting trip can be a terrific no-stress date idea too provided that your date is into extreme sports. Be sure to find out in advance before you take her though as you do not want to shock the living daylights out of her on the first date! This is because rapids can get pretty intense. Rafting is a fun an adventurous activity where you have the opportunity to bond by working together to navigate your raft through rapids and enjoy the excitement of riding the rapids. If you are not an experienced rafter, be sure to arrange to have this trip professionally guided so that you are not putting yourself in danger.

Still another no-stress first date idea is to spend some time volunteering. You can make arrangements for you and your date to spend a few hours volunteering at either a soup kitchen or an animal shelter or any other non-profit organization you like. This situation gives you a specific task to focus on and takes the stress off of the date. It also gives you the opportunity to see whether or not your date is interested in helping others. Make sure to check into this activity ahead of time because many places will not allow you to come in to volunteer unless you have completed a short introductory class beforehand.

Taking a course together can be another great no-stress first date idea. Many establishment offer courses on a variety of subjects and you are bound to find one that will be of interest to you. For example a cooking class might be a fun first date idea. You will have the opportunity to learn a new skill together and will probably leave at the end of the night with a really tasty dish that you can enjoy together. Working together will alleviate the stress of a first date and will give you the opportunity to get to know each other in a casual environment.

Many cities offer singles or couples group bike rides or hikes. Taking advantage of one of these opportunities can lead to a no-stress first date. These activities can be fun because you are outdoors enjoying nature and you have the opportunity to get some exercise. These activities also often include scheduled breaks in a scenic location which can be a great time to really talk to your date and get to know them a little.

One final no-stress first date idea is a trip to a fun center that offers mini-golf and arcade games. Engaging in a game of miniature golf or squaring off by playing some video games is a fun and competitive way to spend your first date. The activities are lighthearted and fun and introducing the element of competition really loosens people up so you and your date will probably have an easy time getting to know each other.

The key to a successful first date is to plan activities that are fun and entertaining without placing too much pressure as a couple. Finding relaxing ways to get to know your date will ensure that your first date is a no-stress event that leads to a second date. A completely no-stress date is one that both parties enjoy and one that allows the couple to engage in a balance of fun activity and meaningful conversation without putting too much emphasis on any one aspect of the date.


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