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Rule 9: Don't write sappy emails ever, never write anything because of fear or insecurity

What is it with guys and writing sappy letters or emails when they feel like they are losing the girl or have lost the girl. If a girl breaks up with you, let it go, move on with your life, start dating again and you will find this will bring back love quicker then a sappy email professing your undying love for the girl.

Think before you speak, think before you type!

Rule 10: Girls find a guy hot when he has a plan for life - IE I told a girlfriend about my dreams for life

I don't know what it is, but when you're talking about something you are passionate about, people are naturally attracted to you. I use to date a girl who played guitar and she was so passionate about it, it was a real turn on. She knew what she wanted to be and I found that sexy. Same thing applies to men. I tell girls about my dream of running the largest publishing company in the world one day and girls find my passion and that idea really attractive.

Rule 11: Don't apologize for the sake of apologizing - Don't apologize if you've done nothing wrong

This is a real turn off for women. Guys have a habit of apologizing for girls bad behaviors and it's not on. Women see this as a sign of weakness. If a girl is doing something or saying something you don't like, tell her that. If she's acting bratty, tell her that.

Don't put up with moody behavior just because she thinks you deserve to be treated that way, you don't.

Rule 12: First Date Advice - Lean Back Relax Don't Be Nervous, Be Confident, Funny, Cocky, But Don't Take It Too Far!

I must admit, one date I did take the cocky and funny routine a bit far and probably was a bit more relaxed then I should have been and I came across very arrogant and sarcastic. That is not sexy and women don't like arrogance. It is a huge turn off. So remember that there is a fine line between that and cocky and funny.

Rule 13: No matter how funny or cocky you are, treat sex with respect. If you do have sex with a girl, make it special, like she's the only one that matters.

It doesn't matter if she's not the first one you had sex with. What is important is that in the event that you did have sex with her, treat her with utmost respect and make her feel special and treasured.

Rule 14: Dress well, but don't over do it!

I can't stress how important it is to dress well at all times. I do not mean that you have to dress loudly. Just dress neatly and look presentable. That will do.

Rule 15: If you had sexual relationship with your girl, DON'T brag about it among the guys! Treat your girl with respect.

One last golden rule... If you are intimate with the girl, do not brag about it among your friends. That shows lack of respect on your side to the lady concerned.

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