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How To Write A Killer Dating Profiles

The MOST IMPORTANT aspect of any successful Internet dating venture is your online dating profile. Personally, I use 2 dating profiles to attract dates.

The bad boy dating profile which attracts a certain wilder person and the nice guy dating profile that attracts the nice girls you would be proud to bring home to mother.

Feel free to steal and change these dating profiles. What ever you do, don't just copy them as they are, it would look stupid seeing hundreds of dating profiles online exactly the same, and besides, you really should put your own personality into it, as this profile is about you and not about me.

Of course, you can use them as is if you want, but you will get better results if you tweak them to suit your personality.

If you are the more cocky and confident person, use the "bad boy" profile, but make sure you are the same person online as you are offline or it will be a waste of time.

You must also have a photo on your photo personals profiles ! If they give you room to put up more then one photo, don't do it, just put one good photo up of you.

Help With Writing Your Online Dating Profile

Bad Boy Dating Profile

Nice Guy Dating Profile

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6 Essential Tips To Writing A Better Online Dating Profile


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