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The Cons Of Internet Dating

In the intense world of the internet there are many good things that are available, internet dating being one of them to a certain extent. Internet dating not only allows you to connect to millions of people across the globe; it a great way to find your soul mate, having access to virtually anyone with a connection to the internet. But with great pros comes great cons.

After reading this section you will pretty much have an idea of the worst things that can happen in internet dating! Also, what can happen if you get caught up in a bad site.

Cons: When you log onto the internet you do not have a face but rather a series of numbers, you may not care much about that but online predators use it to their advantage. When you are chatting with someone on the net and you think that both of you "click", that person may be a pedophile or sex maniac or stalker! They can post a fake picture and make up an extremely intertwined biography about their life and be making it all up to get a step closer to you. This isn't always true with all internet dating sites though. Before you join one make sure to do all the research you can on the specific site.

Identity theft: This is yet another con that internet dating sites may have. Members that register for sites may have to put in their credit card number and think nothing of it because it is for the monthly payments, but that information can be hacked and used to purchase items under the aforementioned users name and or commit cyber crime. Cyber crime can be anything from vandalizing sites to completely destroying them with viruses or in this case, spending $$ that does not belong to you!

Consequences of a bad site: When you join a shady website that you haven't heard much about but seems really good to you through a computer screen could be the downfall of your credit or identity! These sites usually have many fraud issues like not giving you the features they promise and just keep the money you paid in extra for them. These sites may also have fake members that will get to know you and get you to pay them to come visit you, but they will keep the money and you will never see them.

Before joining an internet dating site I suggest that you do a thorough research on crimes that have taken place on that site, the benefits, and if the site is trustworthy! Its better to be safe than sorry. So, make sure you take every precaution possible to avoid being a victim.


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