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Christian Dating

Special thanks to Jason Whitney for contributing to this section - The Christian Dating Handbook.

Now, why was this section was created ? Good question. I guess it's just the fact that thousands upon thousands of others have been where you are right now. People like my friend Jason, a former Christian single in his thirties.

  • He knew how it felt to be lonely.
  • He knew how it felt to have questions.
  • He knew how it felt to request a "table for one" in every restaurant.
  • He knew how it felt to see others holding hands or arm in arm.

And he knew how it felt to be sitting in an apartment on a beautiful Friday evening, with an empty box of Dominos at and a worthless television program, wishing that the phone would ring and someone would ask him to do something. ANYTHING.

Believe me, many have been there.

That was almost a decade ago. Today, Jason and his beautiful wife have just celebrated their 9th anniversary. They have two incredible children, a warm, happy home, and the life they've always dreamed of.

It happened for my friend Jason. And it can happen to you, too.

That's why I created this section. To show you how, with God's grace and loving care, you can go from being lonely and depressed to a life of happiness and fulfillment. Some of the things in this book you may already know, some may be new to you. But hopefully, the information provided will be beneficial to you.

May God bring you the love of your life and may He richly bless you in all your endeavors. I hope you find it helpful in your search for a lasting, loving Christian relationship.

Christian Dating
Before we go any further, I want to let you in on the one thing you MUST do before searching out a Christian partner. This is absolutely crucial to your success and future happiness.

The Myth of the Soul Mate
Whenever there's a conversation about relationships, it always seems to pop out of somewhere. That term is soul mate.

The Puzzle Principle
When we are looking for a partner, we are looking for someone who can fill those holes. Someone who can take care of those needs and wants. Someone to fill the gaps.

Love Changes Everything
Before we dive into the deep dating game, here are some suggestions that could make a world of difference in the way you present yourself to other Christian singles and your success in the Christian dating world.

Gotta Have It
Aside from the gotta have list, there is another mental list that can actually help you in your search for a meaningful Christian relationship rather than hurt.

Meet Christian Singles
In this section we will talk about a couple of popular places where single Christians tend to congregate. Let's start out with the most obvious choice.

Christian Icebreakers
You can attend as many Christian singles functions as you want, but if you stay in the background like a wallflower, you may be missing out on God's blessings.

Online Dating Tips
Online dating is becoming more and more mainstream, and the Christian singles community is jumping on board with both feet. Let's go over a few quick online dating tips that will help you.

Friend to a Lover
You've been in a singles group for a while and made some very good friends. Or perhaps you've been carrying on an online friendship.

Meet the Parents
Should you choose to marry the person you're dating, what you see at their parents' house is most likely what you'll eventually get in yours.

Keep Your Passions Under Lock and Key
You're snuggling on the couch, watching a movie. You start gazing into each other eyes, then lean into each other slowly.

Final Thoughts
My goal is that you'll prayerfully consider the advice I've given and experience growth in your Christian walk..

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