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Christian Icebreakers

Get Involved

You can attend as many Christian singles functions as you want, but if you stay in the background like a wallflower, you may be missing out on God's blessings. That's why it's important to become involved in your singles ministry by using your talents in any way you can.

Help with a meal. Lead a bible study. Minister in song. Volunteer your home for gatherings (this was Ronda's favorite). There are so many possibilities.

By getting involved, you'll get to know more people on a personal level and establish relationships quicker. And who knows? Maybe Mr. or Mrs. Right is standing next to you, drying the dishes.

Do Things as a Group

Some of my fondest memories involve the activities our singles group participated in. Playing a silly card game until all hours of the morning. Heated Pictionary battles. Deep religious discussions over coffee and pie at a local restaurant. Impromptu snowball fights.

We were all of one accord and one mind. We all had the same thing in common. And we had a blast. I can't stress enough how important it is to become friends with the people in your group before pursuing a relationship with someone. It keeps things at a slow pace, allowing you the chance to get to know your new friends and letting them get to know you.

Jason and Ronda were friends for several months before they started dating. There were 50 or 60 people in our group and a good number of "prospects". But to Jason, Ronda stood out among the crowd. He said she had an inner beauty that no one else could touch. He knew I wanted to date her, but he also knew that if it didn't happen, they would still be good friends.

When they actually did start dating, Jason felt like he knew her very well already. And things started falling into place. Take your time and have some fun with these people. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Worship with them. Soon, you'll start to see a "prospect" or two break from the pack. But be careful, because you'll probably run into...

The Weirdness Factor

Just because someone is a Christian doesn't necessarily mean they're a likeable person. In fact I'd rather spend time with many of my non-Christian friends than some Christians I know!

Christian singles groups seem to attract a wide range of people, some more tolerable than others. There was a few in our group that would literally set your teeth on edge every time they spoke. Know anybody like that? God made us all with individual personalities. And truth be told, sometimes these personalities don't mix very well. Think the disciples all got long famously? Nope, but they did have a common theme: Jesus.

If you don't care for someone in the group, it's okay. You're not sinning. But if you choose not to love them as a brother or sister in Christ, then you're on dangerous ground. Be kind and cordial, but don't overdo it. If the situation becomes unbearable, excuse yourself. Sooner or later, they'll get the picture.

And by all means, DO NOT date someone you can't stand just because there were no other options at the time. Life's too short to spend a painful evening with someone who makes you cringe.



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