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So you're looking good, feeling good, got your confidence level shooting sky high and you're ready to meet some new people. Outstanding !

So... where are they ?

Making new Christian friends and establishing relationships is pretty easy for some. If you're a pretty outgoing person and there are several churches in the area with thriving singles ministries, your chances are very good. But for others, it can be a daunting task. Maybe you're in a remote area. Or painfully shy. Or have just recently been divorced and are new to the whole game.

In this section we'll talk about a couple of popular places where single Christians tend to congregate. Let's start out with the most obvious choice... 

The Church

Any fisherman will tell you: Fish where the fish are. You don't fill a stringer by tossing a lure up onto the bank. It's really just common sense. You want to meet bar patrons, you go to a bar. You want sports fanatics, you head to the nearest ball field. You want single Christians, you go to church.

Start by looking at the larger churches in the area. Bigger congregations mean more singles. Many of these churches will have a singles ministry already established, so you can jump right in. And here's a tip: Don't narrow it to a particular denomination.

Christian singles are Christian singles. They all love the Lord and have the same wants, needs and desires as you do--regardless of theological differences. We're all God's children, remember?

Jot down 10 possibilities. Call and ask if they have a singles ministry. If you can, speak to the person who's leading the group. Ask how many are in the group, what their ages are, and what activities they participate in. You'll get a good sense of who they are and if you're interested in visiting.

Pray for the Lord's leading in this area, then take your top 3 and visit each one. Meet some people, interact with others and most importantly, have some fun. Don't feel pressured to come back if you don't want to. When you're visiting a group, be assertive. Smile, make eye contact, introduce yourself and shake hands firmly. Most people respond warmly to this type of greeting and will be anxious to get to know you further.

In time, you'll find the church and the ministry where you feel most comfortable. And if it's not your home church, don't despair. Before Jason and Ronda met, she was attending a small church with her family where singles were few and far between. She had dated one person for a while, but was yearning to meet more single people like herself.

The Lord led her to a larger church with a singles ministry that was just getting off the ground. Since Ronda loves to entertain, she instantly became instrumental in the group as the social coordinator. Not too much later, Jason started attending the same church. And the rest, as they say, is history.




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