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Before we go any further, I want to let you in on the one thing you MUST do before searching out a Christian partner. This is absolutely crucial to your success and future happiness.

Are you ready ? Here it is…

Quit trying.

That's it. Just quit. Trying to do it all yourself is too hard, it's too frustrating, and most of the time, it ends up in disaster. I know, I know-I can hear you saying "Are you off your rocker?" Well, maybe (don't ask my spouse). But hear me out. if you read the previous sentence, you'll see that I used the term "trying to do it all yourself". And that's the key.

Christian singles CAN'T do it all themselves, In fact, they're not supposed to. They need God's help. And therein lies the answer. The most important factor in turning your situation around? You must give it over to God. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, it is really. Simple, but amazingly difficult.

See, we're taught from birth to be independent, assertive individuals. Want something? You go get it! Winner gets the spoils. Loser goes home empty handed. That's the way the world works. Deal with it. That's the way the WORLD works. But it's not God's way.

When we surrender to Christ, we give ourselves completely. He creates a new creature and "makes all things new". We strive to follow His teachings and let Him lead our lives. But when the world's thinking starts sneaking in, we get distracted and start looking inward instead of upward. Before you know it we're exhausting ourselves to achieve something that God never wanted for us anyway.

Sound familiar?

That's why the first thing every single Christian should do is give your situation over to the Lord. Wholly. Completely. Without reservation. God knows who He has for you and what your future holds. Let Him do His job and you won't have to. When you give it to the Lord, you'll feel the tension and frustrations melt away, and you'll be free to relax and enjoy His blessings. No more beating your head against a wall, wondering why relationship #473 didn't work out. No more wondering, "Lord, is she the one?" or "Father, is this the man I'm supposed to be with?"

When it's in God's hands, it's in the best place possible. And you don't have to do anything but sit back and watch His amazing plan for you unfold. My friend Jason was driving home from a Kansas City Chiefs game with his brother-in-law when Steve revealed this one piece of insight to him. He had been so frustrated with the way things were going. None of his relationships were working out and he was at his wits end.

But Jason was bowled over by the fact that God wanted to take care of his situation and he didn't have to live in frustration anymore. They prayed, and it felt like a 500 lb. weight had literally been lifted off his shoulders! It was incredible! But he had to GIVE IT TO GOD. He had to come to Him, lay down my burdens before His altar, ask for help, and then step aside while He did His magnificent work. That was the key to the whole process. And what work He did. It was only a few months later that my friend was introduced to Ronda, a blond, blue-eyed beauty in his church's Singles class. As Jason puts it, "Talk about your magnificent works!" But more on that later…

Have you given your loneliness and frustration to God? I mean REALLY given it to Him ? I know we sometimes say we have, but then our grubby little fingers get in the pie and start messing things up again. I understand that it is never easy to let go but then again, you can't walk around carrying your burden with you as it is too tiresome. Today, right now, why not hand the keys to the Lord and watch Him do His work? 

You'll be amazed at the results!

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