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Cheap Date Ideas

Impressing your date doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet. With a little resourcefulness and and some imagination you can plan dates that are a lot of fun and also very inexpensive. Not only will you be saving a lot of money but your date will be impressed with your creativity. Inexpensive date ideas can include coffee houses, outdoor activities, theater and the arts, cooking and other fun activities.

A trip to a coffee house is an excellent inexpensive date idea if you are dating on a budget. The price of a couple of cups of coffee and a dessert to share is next to nothing compared to dinner for two at an expensive restaurant. You and your date could spend a few hours sipping coffee and enjoying your dessert while getting to know each other through casual conversation. A coffee house is a great place to bring a date because the atmosphere is very relaxed and you can sit and chat for hours without interruption.

Another cheap date idea which virtually cost nothing is to take a trip to a local park. On a nice day you and your date can spend the day walking, roller blading, playing Frisbee or just people watching. Also, pack a picnic and set up a blanket and enjoy your lunch on the grass in the park. After lunch lay back and watch the clouds for awhile. You will be surprised how often the clouds change and take on new shapes. If the park has a lake, you may even be able to rent a canoe or paddle boat for a very small fee. Spending the day outdoors and engaging in relaxing and enjoyable activities is an excellent inexpensive date idea for those who are dating on a budget.

While the theater and the arts are generally thought of as being expensive activities you can even turn these activities into inexpensive date ideas if you are dating on a budget. Most cities have local theater companies that perform their own renditions of Broadway plays. For a fraction of what you would pay to see a play performed by a major production company, you can sit front and center in a small theater.

Another inexpensive date idea is to visit your city’s local art museum. You can spend the day viewing the different pieces of artwork together and talking about what you like best about each piece. This idea is valid if you both have a love of arts and history else a trip to the museum is bound to bored the average person.

Even movie theaters can be great inexpensive date ideas. Second run movie theaters often show movies a little later then their release date but the ticket prices are usually very reasonable. These theaters often offer ticket prices that are even less than matinee prices. With a little creativity even the theater can be a great date idea for those on a budget.

Cheap And Fun Date Ideas

What I personally like is a bowling game. It is cheap and fun. During the game, you can create a lot of chances to get closer to the girl. When she strikes all the pin or hit a spare, just give her a High 5 ! Who says it is difficult to touch the hand of a girl ?

Cooking is another inexpensive date idea for those dating on a budget. You and your date could plan a romantic meal, shop for the necessary ingredients and spend the night cooking and eating the meal you create. This is an excellent date idea because it is a great way for you and your date to spend quality time together. If you take your time preparing the meal, you will have plenty of time to enjoy the company of your date. The two of you will also be working together as a team which fosters a bond between you. Taking a cooking class together can also be a great inexpensive date idea. Many colleges offer cooking classes that are very affordable. You and your date could sign up for an exotic cooking class together and look forward to learning enough to create some of your favorite dishes.

Yet another tip for dating on a budget is to spend the night playing board games in your very own living room. Choose a few games from your collection and challenge your date to some friendly competition. You will be surprised at how much fun you have playing some of the games from your childhood. Not only are these game a lot of fun but they can also be an excellent way to get to know each other better. Playing games that require you to use your creative side instead of just relying on luck give you a chance to really show your date who you are. While you are at it, prepare some finger food to nimble with while you are playing.

Another cheap date idea is to rent a movie and watch in the comfort of your home with your date. If you are opting for this, make sure you have lots of popcorn to munch and some Cola to last throughout the movie.

My personal favourite among the cheap date ideas is taking a stroll down the beach. The setting sun, wind and gentle breeze provides a romantic setting for a date.

Dating on a budget is not impossible and it doesn’t have to be boring. Often some of the most inexpensive date ideas are also some of the best ways to really get to know your date. The relaxed atmosphere that these date ideas provide allows a couple to be themselves and enjoy their time together.


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