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Trust Your Instincts

Let's say that you've been corresponding with this guy for sometime and even though on the surface everything looks peachy, if you have this bad feeling in the gut about him, do not ignore it. Even if he seems to be the perfect gentleman in the sense that he's always responding your emails promptly, gushing about how smashing you are and how you are the one he's been waiting for if your instincts tell you something is wrong, then heed your instincts.

When something in you is speaking out, trying to warn you that something is not right, you ought to be careful. Do not not rush into a relationship with this man; instead take more time to get to know him better before you decide. Your gut feel rarely fail you so do not go against it.

Even when you are very attracted to this man, just wait instead of forging ahead. Most times when you stall for time, the situation will unfold itself. Do not give in when under pressure, trust yourself! Always tell yourself this, if this man is genuinely interested in you, he will wait for you.

You should never have to feel desperate when you start seeing a man. No man worth his salt who is interested in you will walk away just because you needed time to think. If he walks, its obvious that he is NOT the one.

Desperate is never attractive and by acting desperate, you are diminishing your self worth and commands less respect from the man. If this one is not the right one, don't despair. The right guy is still out there somewhere waiting for you. So keep looking! And always TRUST your instincts!


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